Libya Connect & Consult


Libya Connect & Consult

Over the years, SeaNav has managed to develop excellent contacts and strategic connections within the Libyan territory.  Given its  strategic location, Malta proved to be a life-line to Libya during the 2011 uprising.  Malta also proved itself during Libya’s flight embargo placing itself as the main gateway to/from Libya.

SeaNav prides itself on having been entrusted with very sensitive operations for important contacts in Libya during 2011, including the organization and dispatch of tens of sailings carrying humanitarian aid. These operations included the coordination of shipments of food, emergency supplies, medical personnel, supplies, media staff members and aid-workers to North African destinations.

Recent international initiatives indicate that the region is stabilising, leading to a plethora of prosperous business opportunities for business prospectors.  Malta is lending itself as a peaceful bridge between European countries, international trade and Libya.  We strongly believe that our excellent connections with Libya and various influential contacts can be instrumental in developing international business.

SeaNav can be your strategic partner in providing the missing link for:

International Companies seeking  to enter the Libyan market

Libyan entrepreneurs looking to attract foreign expertise back to their homeland.