Training Services

Over the course of SEANAV’s operation, we have developed connections with many  clients. We have, over the years, earned their trust and developed a high-level of  familiarity with their industry. As a result, SEANAV is able to offer our clients an array of  services including staff training.

We have partnered with the Institute of Supply Chain Management in the United  Kingdom ( to provide a comprehensive set of port, shipping, and  logistics courses.

Courses are:

Regulated by OFQUAL

Available online and face-to-face

Available on part-time or full-time basis

Designed and developed by industry experts

Come with unlimited support from the dedicated mentor

Assist trainees to build the skills and confidence required to succeed in the industry

Range from introductory courses in port logistics to advanced diploma in shipping management.

The Ports and Shipping Academy is committed to assisting persons working in the  ports and shipping business by delivering first-rate study materials that meet National  Occupational Standards (NOS), resulting in internationally recognized credentials.

Short Courses in Ports, Shipping and Logistics :

Level 2 – Ports and Shipping Operations

Level 3 – Ports and Shipping Operations

Level 5 – Ports and Shipping Operations Management  

Level 6 – Ports and Shipping Operations Management  

Level 7 – Ports and Shipping Operations Strategy