SeaNav Maritime Services at the forefront of the logistics industry

SeaNav Maritime Services at the forefront of the logistics industry

Logistics might sound a simple enough business of moving things around, but it is increasingly growing more complex as customers demand more finely tuned services. What’s more, new technology and greater use of the internet are opening up new ways of passing around information and goods at breakneck speed mounting more pressure on the industry service providers to deliver in a punctual and reliable manner.

In the recent years, Malta experienced a growing number of private and governmental initiatives geared towards transforming and positioning the country as re­gional logistics hub aimed at drawing in global trade growth opportunities. The country has always been at the crossroads of Mediterranean trading routes, and only six miles away from one of the world’s busiest maritime trade routes. With decades of experience in owing, chartering and operating ships, SeaNav Maritime Services Limited is uniquely positioned to offer tailor-made solutions in Ship Husbanding and Agency Services together with Freight and International Logistics Management.

Company founder, Renald Azzopardi, who today serves as SeaNav’s Managing Director, is a veteran of the industry having been part of major shipping companies such as Sea Malta Company Limited, Norasia Line (Malta), Med Feeder Malta and Cyprus. In 2005, Mr Azzopardi decided to use his knowledge and understanding of the industry together with his entrepreneurial spirit to establish SeaNav as a private company with the aim of providing world-class services to a booming sector.

This same aspiration for excellence is the driving force which guides the company today. When this pursuit for excellence is combined with a frame of mind experienced in thinking as a ship owner or charterer for so many years, great results will follow. Many professionals in the industry agree that this is without doubt the greatest asset that a ship agent could possess, as the thinking and decision-making process reflects the interest of the ship owner as the prime objective.

Over the years, SeaNav has developed and cultivated strong relations with key persons, stakeholders, authorities and companies related to logistic sector. While this kind of asset is difficult to quantify in monetary terms, it is common knowledge that trust, integrity and honesty are currency in the business world. The open and frank approach with which SeaNav operates is reflected throughout and is certainly a breath of fresh air amidst other companies who seek to make a cut at every possible opportunity. This is made possible thanks to the company’s lean setup which allows clients an easy, direct and personal access to the ship agent personnel without incurring the cost of unnecessary overheads. This in turn leads to highly competitive pricing ensuring a healthy voyage costing bottom line, all the while with the peace of mind that the service is of the highest possible standards.

In a fast-paced industry such as this, SeaNav is leading the way by positioning itself in the fast lane for potential progress and as a key contributor to this development. This is what precisely lead SeaNav to rebrand its corporate image. The rebranding process reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future, all the while keeping true to its core aspiration of being a value-added partner to client’s business and not simply just another indifferent service provider.